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A/C Service, Sales, and Installation

Broward: 954.421.3680
Palm Beach: 561.274.6557

Indoor Air Quality and Your Health


As we all become increasingly aware of the role that indoor air quality plays on our health, we’ve started receiving more and more calls from customers asking what they can do, beyond making sure their air filter is clean, to improve the air inside their home or business - our answer is tried and true…

For over 100 years, UV-C light, otherwise known as germicidal ultraviolet light, has been used to eradicate germs on surfaces, in the air, and in water.

Viruses, like COVID-19, are roughly 100 times smaller than bacteria and much smaller than other pollutants, like pollen and pet dander, which are the primary cause of poor indoor air quality. This means that a standard HEPA filter is not designed to and will not remove viruses from the air.

Unlike traditional air filters, some air purifiers can capture viruses, but they don’t destroy them so the virus can remain alive inside the filter for several days. High quality air filters also come with a hefty price tag. Conversely, UV-C light systems are extremely cost effective.

When installed inside your HVAC system, UV-C lights disinfect every cubic inch of air-conditioned space, reducing airborne and surface contaminants that contribute to foul odors, headaches, lung irritation, fatigue, asthma, and infectious diseases. Germicidal lights also prevent and destroy mildew and other microbial contaminants before they can reproduce and colonize.

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