Professional vs. DIY Installation


When you need to repair or replace an appliance, you have two choices: do it yourself or call a professional.

Some smaller jobs are straightforward enough and there’s no shortage of videos to guide you but, when it comes to big jobs, like installing a ductless heating and cooling system, stop the videos, put down the tools, and call a professional – not “Uncle Bob” the jack-of-all-trades...

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should hire a true professional, like M&S Air Conditioning, for your heating and cooling system repairs and installations:

Eliminates Costs of Tools and Materials

Unless you're an HVAC professional, you probably don't have the tools required to install a heating and cooling system. Installing a ductless system, for example, requires torque wrenches, vacuum pumps with lines and adapters, gauges, clamps, levels, drills, and a variety of other tools and supplies.

Saves Time

You’re not just saving money on supplies; a professional installation saves you time. When you take on a DIY project, you have to spend time learning how to do the job, you have to get the tools and supplies and, once you start, you’ll probably encounter questions that will cause you to stop and revisit instructional aids. Plus, the process can take a lot longer if you don't have two people.

Professional installers have handled countless similar jobs so they can accurately estimate how long the job will take. They come prepared with the right tools and supplies and, before they start, they assess potential issues to help ensure the process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Gives You Access to Better Prices

When you buy a heating and cooling system on your own, you pay retail. Professionals buy the equipment at wholesale prices and they often pass those savings onto their clients.

Avoids Mistakes

When you hire a professional, the odds of something going wrong are greatly reduced. HVAC professionals go through extensive training in order to get their licenses and they must do continuing education in order to stay up to date on new equipment and industry trends.

If you decide to invest in a Mitsubishi heating and cooling system, hiring a Diamond Elite installer means you get an expert with more training than almost anyone else in the industry. To achieve Diamond Elite status, you must complete in-person and online training modules, gain lots of experience on the field, and meet numerous other criteria.

Protects You from Danger

Hiring a professional can also protect you from physical harm. When installing a ductless heating and cooling system, you work with electricity and refrigerant. Both of these elements can be dangerous and, if you make a mistake, you could be putting your entire home in danger.

Keeps Your Warranty Intact

When a system is improperly installed, the warranty is often voided. That means that, if something that is typically covered by the warranty goes wrong, you’re stuck with the cost of repair. Conversely, working with a Diamond Elite contractor extends the warranty of a Mitsubishi system.

Helps You Avoid Property Damage

When you do an installation yourself, you run the risk of cracking a wall or making a hole that's too big. If you wire the system incorrectly, you can cause electrical damage to the unit or miscommunication between the unit and thermostat. If the unit isn’t flush against the wall, it can lead to long-term inefficiencies and higher energy bills. These are just a few of the things that can go wrong.

The goal of DIY projects is, usually, to save some money but, when you factor in the cost of tools, the risk of personal injury or property damage, and the possibility of a voided warranty, DIY jobs can end up costing you a lot more in the long run. If you’re getting a heating and cooling system for your home or commercial space, save yourself some time and money and hire a professional.

At M&S Air Conditioning, we are Mitsubishi Diamond Elite installers and we can assess your space to help you identify the best heating and cooling system for your needs. For more information about the benefits of ductless heating and cooling or to schedule a repair, service or install, give us a call at (561) 861-3345 in Broward or (561) 861-3345 in Palm Beach today.

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