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Most HVAC manufacturers require you to register your new equipment or part shortly after purchase in order to offer you their full limited warranty.

Proper registration also ensures that any licensed HVAC contractor can perform warranty services, should a warrantied part fail. Unfortunately, many HVAC companies just don’t want to bother with warranty work.
At M&S Air Conditioning, our primary goal is serving our customers in a prompt, professional, and courteous manner - and that includes honoring all manufacturer’s warranties.

How long does the basic factory warranty last?

If your equipment is registered in the prescribed amount of time, the basic factory warranty will typically cover the compressor and most other parts for 10 years. Failing to register your equipment in a timely manner can reduce the warranty period to 5 years, so make sure you send in the registration card (or register your equipment online) right away!

But registering your equipment is just the beginning. Failing to use a licensed contractor for service or using off-brand replacement parts can void your warranty. Regular maintenance, performed by an authorized service provider, like M&S Air Conditioning, is also a warranty requirement.

What is covered by the basic factory warranty (and what isn’t)?

The basic factory warranty covers the cost of the warrantied part; it does not cover the costs associated with diagnosing the problem, ordering the new part, filing the warranty paperwork, or sending the defective part back to the manufacturer, and these costs can far outweigh the cost of the part itself.

Why do you have to send defective parts back to the manufacturer?

Manufacturers will often require that the defective part be sent back so they can verify that it is, indeed, defective. If they determine that the replaced part was still good, the HVAC contractor will be liable for the cost of the part plus an additional financial penalty – this is one of the main reasons many HVAC contractors do not perform warranty services.

M&S Air Conditioning is committed to providing the most honest, reliable and affordable air conditioning repair and installation in South Florida and we pledge to do everything in our power to correct the situation, if we ever fall short.

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